La Maison Bagatelle

La Maison Bagatelle aka Bagatelle is the subsidiary jewellery line from the Swedish design house, Pantolin. We create affordable, yet luxurious jewellery while maintaining premium design quality and responsible production. Our pieces come in silver and nickel-free brass, which are then plated in platinum, 14 carat gold or rhodium.

The woman behind it all, head of design, Paula Pantolin holds a Master’s degree (MFA) in fine art/silversmithing and a Bachelor’s degree in applied arts (BA). She wanted a sister brand to compliment Pantolin Jewellery, something playful, cool, empowering and enticing. Pantolin encourages you to mix ‘fake’ and fine and be bold with your jewellery. If you’re into stacking your accessories just because or wearing one glowing masterpiece, La Maison Bagatelle is an excellent choice.